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April 7, 2009 at 5:07 pm by  
William H. Jones

William H. Jones

Today’s selections from our Reality Bites section are chock-full of crazy criminals. A few have some serious anger issues and the others are just plain crazy.

William H. JonesThis guy is a real asshat. In a drunken rage he grabbed his girlfriend’s 3 mo. old child from her arms, threw the baby to the floor  and choked her 11-year old daughter when she tried to intervene. The reason? His girlfriend refused to give him something and you’ll be amazed when you find out what that “something” is.

Levi Kramlich-This 20-year old father dumb-ass badly beat and shook his 4 mo. old son which caused rib fractures, retinal hemorrhage, and bleeding in the brain. He even admitted to squeezing the baby’s testicles. What could a baby do to a grown man to deserve such treatment? You’re going to love hate his reason why.

Deviled Eggs-60-year old Vanessa Holt must have a very big fan following for her prized deviled eggs. She made some up for a party and when a 66-year old man tried to steal one beforehand, Holt showed her fangs.

Facebook Stalker– Laurence Barnett is a creepy-looking cyber-stalker who recently made a trip to see a woman in North Carolina. When LE was contacted, Barnett missed out on meeting the woman. Instead, he met Zane.

Hammer Time– What do you get when you have two men who are already hammered and they begin fighting over beer? You get one in critical condition and the other charged with attempted murder. The weapon of choice is not too difficult to guess.

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  • Abroad

    You know, Morbid….. This is an excellent way of enticing people into the forums.

    I’d somehow missed the devilled eggs.

  • You know, Morbid….. This is an excellent way of enticing people into the forums.

    Well, thanks. I’m glad you posted and let us know it’s working. There’s tons of great stories like that one posted almost everyday, and I will do my best to make sure you guys get a “heads up” to them. 😉 Thanks for commenting on it!

  • non

    Look at this fukn moron! “Dude! Look at me, I said LOOK AT ME, WILLIAM!”
    Oh, he can’t. HAHAHAHA!
    http://www.thetech.org/exhibits/online/robotzoo/animals/chameleon/images/chameleon-eye.gif CLICK ON ACTUAL GIF-It’s WILLIAM! &it’s animated with the googly eyes!