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Jacky Tran Doesn’t Like Demons

April 7, 2009 at 7:24 am by  
Jacky and Phung Tran

Jacky and Phung Tran

Houston, TexasWe recently posted a blurb about Jacky Tran in a recent edition of the Daily Bite, but because new information has been released, I felt the story deserved a full front page write-up.

Jacky and Phung Tran beat the bejesus out of their 3-year-old son because they believed the little guy had been invaded by demons.

Deputies were dispatched to the Tran’s home Saturday, after a security alarm sounded. Upon arrival, officers could hear Buddhist chants blaring through the open windows of the home. Through an upstairs window, Jacky could be seen repeatedly punching something with his fist, and during a lull in the chanting, officers could hear the sound of a child screaming.

Once inside the home, they found Phung in the bathroom, trying to clean the badly beaten and bloody child. She kept repeating, ‘there are demons in the child.’ The little guy was unresponsive…his head swollen and maroon colored. His eyes were swollen shut. Medics rushed the child to the hospital, where he is being treated for multiple skull fractures. He is expected to survive.

Jacky believes his son’s body was invaded by demons after the child ate a piece of meat. On Sunday, he told relatives that he didn’t hit the child, he ‘simply knocked the demon out of him.’ Hey Jacky, I think I might know a few Demons who’d like to have a word with you. These Demons fight back though…like a motherfucker!

Jacky’s relatives say the devout Buddhist had never shown any tendencies toward violence. Thuba To, Tran’s cousin-in-law, says, ‘He’s a very nice person, a very responsible husband, a good person. I think he’s run into a problem with psychology.’ Jacky asked his relatives to take care of his wife and children while he was in jail, but he expects to be out in just a few days. Uh-huh.

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Jacky’s neighbors describe him as one of the friendliest people in the neighborhood. He was known for helping others in the neighborhood after Hurricane Ike. They also describe some weird shit going on in the Tran household within the last week. On Wednesday, Jacky was seen carrying a Buddhist statue into his home. The next day, he started throwing furniture out into the front and back yard. ‘He threw everything out,’ neighbor Abdul Badat said. ‘Even valuable things, because he says they’re evil.’

On Friday, Jacky told Badat that he had buried the Buddhist statue in a cemetary. It, too, was possessed by a demon. Everything in the home was tainted…yes, even the furniture.

Just last week, Jacky decided to become a vegetarian. He ate nothing but fruits and vegetables for days. Thuba To said, ‘He’s been Buddhist for many years, but not like this.’

Neighbors heard a ruckus coming from Jacky’s home on Saturday. They could hear the sound of someone being spanked and Jacky yelling, ‘Get out! Get out!’ Nobody called 911. Authorities were only notified after an alarm sounded in the Tran home. The alarm security company called Badat, who was listed as the emergency contact, and he advised them to send law enforcement. Badat said Saturday’s nights events were ‘incredibly strange.’ I would say there was a whole ‘lotta strange going on for about a week.

Jacky Tran, 35, is being held on $100,000 bond and facing charges of child abuse causing serious bodily injury. Phung Tran, 36, was arrested on Monday and is being charged with injury to a child as well. Her entire role in the beating isn’t clear, but authorities do believe she hit the kid with a stick. Her bond has not been set. CPS took custody of the Tran’s 6-year-old daughter. She has been placed in a foster home pending an emergency custody hearing.

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Kalehue is all over this one in the forums.

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  • RockRGrl

    Poor little guy! Hope he makes a full recovery 🙂

  • sarabei

    I can’t comprehend people who HEAR shit like this and do nothing, imo they are as bad as the people doing it.

  • Kalehue

    Great write-up, SJ. Can’t believe mom was standing by hitting the kid with a stick, too.
    Unbelievable. Thank goodness the alarm sounded in his home or this child would be dead now.

  • dammitall

    Too bad Momma doesn’t have the sense it takes to run like hell, because it sure sounds like ole Jacky’s going to be a lifelong barrel-o-laffs.

    My bet is he’ll get put on antipsychotic meds, improve, decide he doesn’t need them anymore and everything will become chock full of demons once again. Rinse, repeat.

  • CassieMomma

    What the little kid had to endure is terrible. I can’t imagine how scared he must of been and confused. HIs parents are pathetic and I hope they get “demons” and get the same treatment! PUNKS!

  • MadeaBecBec

    Ummm! Jacky Tran should’ve invested in a new outfit, called a straightjacket, size extra small and kept it on continously…. Phung Tran simply needed some “Holy water” to fling on his crazy a$$….

    Heal Wee One Heal completely! I pray your life has taken a turn for the best, I pray you are placed with parents that love you deeply and shower you with hugs and kisses for the rest of your days……

  • Abroad

    Who tripped the alarm?

    Did Jacky need help dealing with the demon and tripped it to alert LE in the absence of a straight line to some spiritual guide?

    Did Phung realise that Jacky was going too far and qould end up killing her child if someone didn’t intercede?

    Or did it trip spontaneously? In the latter case I would be inclined to see angels at work here…….

  • ecvmanzo

    .’ Hey Jacky, I think I might know a few Demons who’d like to have a word with you. These Demons fight back though…like a motherfucker!

    Seriously, I would love to perform my own special Exorcism on his dumb ass. Oh and can someone tell me why this crazy motherfucker has a smile on his face??

    I can’t comprehend people who HEAR shit like this and do nothing, imo they are as bad as the people doing it.

    We can live a million years and never comprehend why people are so fucking stupid.

    Oh Phan Tran, or whatever the fuck your name is, go yank your cervix and ovaries with a large spork!!! You don’t need or deserve them! BITCHES

  • Special2bme

    I can’t comprehend people who HEAR shit like this and do nothing, imo they are as bad as the people doing it.

    AGREE, they are as bad as the people doing it. FUCKING IDIOTS!

    I pray this little boy recovers.