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Lonnie Lane Got His Ass Kicked By A Girl

March 30, 2009 at 5:26 am by  
Lonnie Lane

Lonnie Lane

Cincinnati, OhioTiffany Friday, 29, has been the victim of a burglary twice before and she wasn’t about to take another hit lying down. So, when Tiffany came home Friday to find a couple of losers pawing through her stuff, she got pissed! The result of Tiffany’s fury is visible all over Lonnie Lane’s face.

‘I was mad. I mean, they had took, taken everything from us. I mean, they took my daughter’s games, my son’s games, they took TVs, computers,’ said Tiffany. She knew the men would exit her home by the back door…so she waited for them there. When the two tards came running out of the house, she gave chase.

She chased them through her backyard and into the woods. They were throwing shit at her; sticks, stems, anything they could get their hands on. She caught up with Lane, grabbed him by the collar, and gave him a good whack upside the head. Before she could land a few more blows, he made his escape.

She ran back to the house, jumped in a friend’s car, and told them how to get to the other side of the woods. Tiffany again met Lane as he was running out of the trees. When he realized he hadn’t escaped the pissed off victim, he threw a brick at the car. Incensed, Tiffany kept after him.

When she caught up with the bungling burglar, she and her friends tackled him. While her friends were keeping Lane occupied, Tiffany took off after his partner in crime. The partner picked up the items Lane dropped while he was running scared, and beat feet. ‘I said, ‘”OK, you can get away, but this one right here, he’s not goin’ nowhere.”‘ And he didn’t. He was left at the mercy of one very pissed off woman and her friends.

The police report didn’t actually specify that Tiffany and her friend gave Lane an ass-kickin’…it did note that ‘injuries to arrested occurred prior to police contact.’ Tiffany and her friends admitted to causing the injuries. ‘That was all of our work,’ she said. Lane, 30, was probably pretty damn happy to be hauled away in the back of a cruiser.

In court, Lane’s lawyer, Dan Reif, tried to garner sympathy from the judge; Lane, all pitiful looking with his bruised and beaten up face, ‘had already been punished,’ said Reif. The judge was like, pfffft! Bond was set at $25,000 for one count of burglary. Lane’s partner hasn’t been identified.

Miss Tiffany Friday…

Aahhhh…I love an epic fail on a Monday morning! Thanks Special2bme!

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  • CassieMomma

    Miss Tiffany Friday…

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

  • bahaley4e

    Thats a woman! She did the right thing by chasing him down. What would have happened if they had escaped? If the cops couldnt find em? Who would be their next victim and would the severity of their crime escalate? Kudos for her for beating the shit outta him aswell… Im sure she killed his ego for life! He had it comin to him….

    Let this be a lesson to men who think all women are weak… – every now and then you mess with the wrong girl- and she will beat you within a breath of your life!

  • Right on!!!
    Wish more of these crimes ended with a victim beat down of the scumbag

  • thehesbomb

    That is frigging awesome – way to go girl!

  • RunecirE

    You go girl!

  • MAjustaMom

    What a great story!!! Tiffany – you’re Woman of the Year!! Put his picture on your front door to warn off other would-be burglars!

  • Special2bme

    Miss Tiffany

    YOU GO GIRL! You so deserve that big smile on your face.

  • MadeaBecBec

    So Thankful Tiffany Friday wasn’t hurt and got to do the hurtin’….
    Tiffany Friday, YOU ROCK! Rock on with Laughter and Sunshine!!
    Methinks Tiffany is the definition of Smooth, oh yayuh! Oh!
    And the defintion of name Tiffany: 1200 AD – “Tifinie” is used in Old French to mean “Epiphany.” It is derived from a similar Late Latin word which in turn came from the Greek “theophaneia,” meaning an appearance or manifestation of God.
    That’s right, Tiffany, God blessed you! God allowed you to assist Him in His vengeance!
    So glad Lonnie Lane is a “Gatito”…..

  • Lavonna

    LOL that was the best laugh I have had today!! That is awesome. Love it!!

  • Jury


  • HotReadingMama

    Note to self – do not piss this lady off.

  • sophie29

    Tiffany kicks ass, literally.

  • YAY!!!!
    These days, you have to do your own fighting back to get anything done.

    Good for the judge!

  • nadine

    Your my HERO
    Way to go Girlfriend
    Nice JOb We love you and could go on and on and on and on
    Good work on the judges part and I bet no one will rob you ever!

  • Zibarro

    Holy SHIT! Now THAT is an ass whoppin’!

    We need to hook ole’ girl here up with Nunn! Between them, they could be the next crime fighting duo of the century!

    All you “wanna be” burglars – the economy ain’t just tough on YOU. People are gonna protect their shit more now than ever. You’ve been warned.

    Let the ass kickin’ commence!

  • knotme

    HOT DAMN… AGAIN!!! Ain’t it just great people deciding they WILL NOT BE A VICTIM! I just love a happy ending WITH PHOTOS!!!!

  • sohocharms

    well hell yeah! hopefully they learned a lesson.

  • ecvmanzo

    I saw this report on Friday night and I was screaming and hifiving my 12 year old. She thought that I had finally losed it.

    I love these types of stories. Tiffany, you and Miss Ellen rock!

  • HAHA! She looks so happy in that photograph. Great story. Warms my cockles.

  • dammitall

    Get ’em, Tiffany! I hope you’re left alone, now.

  • YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

    my hero!

    Holy SHIT! Now THAT is an ass whoppin’!
    We need to hook ole’ girl here up with Nunn! Between them, they could be the next crime fighting duo of the century!
    All you “wanna be” burglars – the economy ain’t just tough on YOU. People are gonna protect their shit more now than ever. You’ve been warned.


  • Cassandra

    Woot! I admire these kind of people who take justice into their own hands.

  • Sir Geoff

    All I can say is: : )

  • I ? Tiffany. She’s my hero.

  • Uvgottabkiddin

    Tiffany for President!

    Kudos to Tiffany’s friends, they are my kind of friends!

    GOOD FRIENDS: will stop you from overreacting.
    BEST FRIENDS: will walk beside you giggling “someone’s gonna get it”

  • GOOD FRIENDS: will stop you from overreacting.BEST FRIENDS: will walk beside you giggling “someone’s gonna get it”

    I am sooooooo the best friend.

  • Unamused Cat

    A righteous beating indeed. Bravo Tiffany Friday. =^.^=

  • mskandy

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • straightup

    If u got the balls to stand up for yourself whats the point in needin multiple friends? Cause hes a man? Nope sorry but if u have balls to hit a man then u can be hit by a man. Several ppl on one is a lynching even if its self defense. And the fact the physical confrontation happened off her property thats assault so her and her buddies should be in jail with those morons. Gonna tell the story dont be afraid of hearing both types of opinions. Either way this post is too damn old to care about lol