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Gregory “Nightwolf” Tripp Is A Bad Boyfriend

September 5, 2008 at 9:33 am by  

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Nashville, TN – Our story begins with Gregory Tripp, a hard-luck wannabe country singer standing onstage at a Nashville dive bar.  You know this guy, or one like him.  In his fifties, he’s still trying to make it on his looks and his voice – both fading.  He talks a good game, has a few drinks, strikes out with the help and goes home to a single-wide to check his sad looking Myspace.  He thinks it makes him look cool.  Everyone else knows it makes him look old, horny, and desperate.

Then Gregory Tripp closes his computer, grabs a beer, and steps into his bedroom to torture his girlfriend a little more. 

Last Saturday, police responded to a welfare check call at Tripp’s trailer.  The sister of Tripp’s girlfriend hadn’t been able to reach her for days, and she was worried.

Police found Tripp’s girlfriend at the home, all right.  She was chained to the bed in Tripp’s bedroom.  She was covered in bruises, cuts, and appeared to have been poked repeatedly with a safety pin. The woman begged police not to tell Tripp, because he’d kill her if he thought she had called them.  Tripp had kept his girlfriend hostage for four days.

Motive isn’t yet clear in this case, but it doesn’t appear to be consensual play gone wrong.  Tripp’s (now ex) girlfriend told police that he beat and cut her, and terrified her so that she would not get help on her own.  In the meantime, Gregory Tripp led his normal, if sad, washed-up life.  He allegedly chained his girlfriend to the bed for hours or days at a time on a fairly routine basis, raping and assaulting her when he felt like it, beating or cutting her if she resisted.

Interestingly, a criminal records check by an employer showed no background issues or convictions.  Apparently Tripp was pretty normal until he decided that the best way to keep a woman was to chain her to a bedstead in a trailer in Nashville.

Gregory Tripp is being held in the Davidson County Jail in Nashville on bonds totaling one million dollars.  He is charged with felony rape, aggravated kidnapping, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  And I don’t think his crappy guitar playing counts – maybe they could add an extra charge for auditory abuse.

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