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Casey Till Went On A Murderous Rampage

August 20, 2008 at 10:02 pm by  

Casey Till on

Casey Till

Haines City, FL – I am getting old or something, because I totally missed this story. Try to keep up, readers, as I dissect what happened when 26-year-old Casey Till ran into a family at an intersection late Sunday night in Haines City. Mario Despaigne and his wife Odalis Cespedes, both 41, where driving a black Nissan with their 6-month-old granddaughter. Following behind them in a silver Toyota were the little girl’s parents, Angel Gonzales, 21 and Ivon Despaigne, 19. While both cars were stopped at an intersection, Angel and Ivon were rear-ended by a green minivan driven by Till. From here, things get REAL fucked up.

When Angel got out of the car to investigate the damage, he quickly returned with a slash to his throat. Ivon was then confronted by Till, who stabbed her in the throat. The couple retreated on foot, and Till got into their Nissan. By this time, Mario had gotten out of their vehicle to assist as Till began slamming the Nissan into Mario and Odalis’ vehicle. Odalis got out of the car and unbuckled the baby from her car seat, and began running. Till then hit Odalis with the Nissan, possibly breaking her leg. Mario ran to his wife and grabbed the baby as Till ran over Odalis again, killing her.

He then got out of the Nisssan and began chasing the remaining family members. Angel Gonzales managed to get in the green minivan and chase after Till, knocking him down. He tried to back over him, but Till rolled away and ran into some nearby woods. It was at this time a police officer on his way to work found the family and began assisting them. Till then emerged from the woods, ignoring the officers drawn gun and got into his minivan. As the officer was instructing Till to exit the vehicle at gunpoint, Till sped away, hitting the patrol car in the process.

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Till was tracked down because of a prescription pill bottle left at the scene. Turns out he had been smoking crack before the altercation. He told his wife that he had screwed up and would be in prison for life. He also called his mother and told her he had “sliced some people up.” Police found Till in a locked bathroom with slit wrists. The non-lethal kind of slit wrists, of course.

Mario and the 6-month-old were not injured, but Angel and Ivon were treated at the hospital for stab wounds. Odalis died at the scene. As I write this, no reports on why Till attacked the family has been given, aside from the crack, but he was arrested at his home and has been charged with first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, carjacking and and aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer.

Oh, and Lizard, thought you may find this interesting. The address on the prescription pill bottle? 1090 Shady Cove Road E., Lot 13. Looks like I got a trailer tag.

Thanks for the heads-up, Shroomer.

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