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Angel Dailey Follows Family Tradition

April 5, 2008 at 6:24 pm by  

Angel Dailey in court

Patalaska, Ohio – Angel Dailey is sixteen. She’s a junior at Licking Heights High School in Patalaska. She has two Myspace pages (Myspace 1, Myspace 2). She looks pretty normal, except for the part about her being arrested Friday on charges of forcing an child under two to ingest marijuana over the last year. A pawn shop owner in Columbus found some disturbing videotape in a camera at the shop. On it, police say, Angel Dailey and her boyfriend Melvin Blevins, 18, are holding down a baby who is not theirs and forcing the child to inhale or swallow marijuana. By the timestamps on the tapes, the incidents appear to have taken place from July 2007 to February of this year.

Melvin Blevins, though, isn’t being charged in this case. In fact, he’s been transferred to federal custody on charges of possessing Ecstasy with intent to distribute. It appears that he worked for Angel’s daddy, Don Dailey. Don Dailey and his brother Tim were caught with 4.2 million dollars and 2,060 pounds of marijuana hidden in the walls of their houses last month when they were raided by the IRS and the DEA.

Little wonder, then, that Angel thought nothing of chilling out the child she was babysitting with a little weed. Police say that while Angel was not the baby’s mother, she and Melvin Blevins were “living together and providing care for” the child. The baby, whose relationship to these high assclowns is unclear, is two years old today. Happy birthday, kiddo! Hope you have the wind to blow out your candles!

Angle’s Myspaces (linked above) are interesting because she is clearly very pro-daddy’s-job. On her public Myspace, all her friends are private save one, and there is cash being waved around like lunch is gonna be a money sandwich. I’m guessing that Licking Heights High School student body will be living less large now that its major employers are behind bars.

Angel Dailey is sitting in juvie right now while her dad and uncle and boyfriend are in federal custody. Angel’s stepmother sent her own lawyer to take care of Angel’s case, which is possibly a conflict of interest. The judge this morning probably wished HE had a joint, did that judge eyebrow rub, and entered not-guilty please for Angel today on two counts of corrupting another minor and one count of child endangerment. Angel remains in juvenile detention.

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