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Jennifer Kukla Gets Life

October 25, 2007 at 8:57 am by  

Jennifer Kukla was a single mother living in a trailer with her two kids, 8-year-old Alexandria and 5-year-old Ashley. Jennifer had a hard time paying bills as a McDonald's employee and with one of the girl's father in prison and the other absent, caring for the girls was hard. Child Protective Services had taken her children before, for not having a clean residence, and she was afraid that they were going to take her two daughters away again. On top of all this, her car had broken down and she may have lost her job. On one cold morning in February, Jennifer finally snapped. Fueled by the stress, alcohol and a possible mental illness, Jennifer grabbed a large knife from the kitchen and began chasing her daughters around their trailer. She caught up with her oldest daughter, Alexandria, and slit her throat multiple times. She then cornered Ashley in the kitchen and slit her throat as well. She then killed the three family dogs and a pet mouse.

Jennifer then sat amongst the carnage for hours until her sister came to check on her. Last month a jury found Jennifer Kukla guilty of first-degree murder but mentally ill. Three psychiatrists called by the defense testified that Kukla was legally insane when the girls were killed. Officers testified that Kukla said she heard the voice of the devil telling her to kill the children and the animals. This Wednesday, a judge ruled that she spend the rest of her life in prison where she will recieve psychiatric treatment.

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