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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Two women were arrested at the Interstate Inn in Blue Springs on Monday afternoon. Lauren M. Gash, 19, was charged with kidnapping and first-degree assault. Alisa D. Betts, 17,was charged with kidnapping. Bond has been set at $750,000 cash only for Gash and $500,000 cash only for Betts.

Gash, Betts

Gash, Betts

Amanda Howard, 18, unemployed and pregnant, was lured to the hotel by the two teens with a promise of free baby clothes. Once inside, Gash attempted to break Amanda’s neck in an attempt to kill Amanda and cut out her baby. Gash, who is not pregnant, had held a baby shower earlier and had told relatives she had given birth to a baby boy. Betts got cold feet and left the hotel room and called police. When police arrived, the heard Amanda screaming and found her with duct tape around her neck.

Also found in the hotel room were rope, tape, scissors, an X-acto knife, medication, a vial of insulin, a fabricated birth certificate under the name of Johnny Gash, a piece of paper with a baby’s footprint pictured on it and a plastic armband typical of what is given to newborns in hospitals.

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